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Web Design Trends 2016

Web Design Trends 2016




Recently mobile friendly responsive web design is very popular. When a client knock me for such service, he ask me that do I know responsive design? My surprise answer is Yes.

Now I am sharing with you the design trends for the year 2016 :

1. The UI Patterns : Some new patterns trends is humburger menu, Account registration, long scroll, Card layouts and big images.

2. Animations : Parallax scrolling, pop up notification, hover animation, loading animations, menu & navigation, slideshow, gallery images, motion animation, background animation.

3. Material or flat design

4. Responsive design

5. Long shadow 

6. Simple typography 

6. Minimalism


I hope that you would like most my article. If you have any question in this regards, please leave me a comment. I will respond ASAP.